Food waste is a big issue and you can easily analyzed such issues in your own community as highlighted in this article at the New York Times

4 Ways to Make your Learning Joyful and Relevant!

A few years ago, I was watching a video from Harvard Business School. In it, a Professor emphasized this basic idea – ‘Learning should be joyful’. If you are enjoying it, you are not learning it. Knowledge cannot be useful until it is used in real life situations. These two basic ideas guided me throughout…


Learning Mathematics has been made so much easier with ALISON’s Maths Hub

I have been teaching Mathematics at both second and third level for over 35 years and have dealt with students of varying levels of mathematical ability. The one ‘cry for help’ that I keep on hearing is ‘Dr Bob where can I go to get further assistance with any problems I am having?’. This cry…

How to Choose an Online Course

Cream of the crop: Picking the Right MOOC course By: Grace Windsor

As the MOOC craze continues to explode, anyone interested in taking an online course faces a tricky task – which course to take? Our 5 simple tips on choosing an online course will set any learner on the path to self-education 1. What is your learning style? Many MOOC courses are video based with instructors…


ALISON’s First Blog post ‘Appreciating the Value of online education’ By Abdi Dika

            Author: Abdi Dika, Nairobi-Kenya,     In 2013 the best thing happened to me. It is all thanks to ALISON. I cannot explain how I came to know about ALISON, but at the spur of the moment I began experimenting with one course, English. I really enjoyed studying online for personal development. I have completed three…


Announcement of ALISON Maths Hub

ALISON, the Galway-based world leader in free online learning, has launched a suite of comprehensive online interactive Maths resources for the Irish Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate curriculums, and third level foundation courses. The resources are entirely free to use and have been developed by ALISON and UL Publisher, Macmillan Science & Education. In February…

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